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One Plumeria Cross Wall Decor

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  • Description

    The plumeria is the second most popular flower in Hawai’i, the first being the hibiscus. In Hawaiian culture, the plumeria is known as a symbol of everything positive in life. We created this cross design with the intention of spreading aloha (love), blessings and positivity to our customers in a Hawaiian style. We carry two color combinations in this design. One with a red plumeria flower (rosewood or cherry wood) and one with a white plumeria flower (ash wood).

    The wall décor comes in sizes medium and large. Ornaments come with a string attached and while intended as Christmas tree ornament, they can also be hung in the car or anywhere of your choosing. Bless your home, church or office with this beautiful cross or give one as a gift to loved ones. We also offer this design in ornaments and magnets. 

    Product Information:
    Each piece of wood is meticulously hand contoured and carefully assembled to create multi-dimensional artwork. The beauty and uniqueness of our artwork comes strictly from the natural colors and grains of various wood types. No staining or painting is involved, only an oil finish is used to ensure the beauty as the wood ages. Wood burning is used for small details such as the scales of a fish. Each piece of artwork is stamped on the back with our Le Family logo.

    *Please note that this is a one-of-a-kind piece of art. The shape and workmanship are exactly as shown here but because of the different grains and shapes in the exotic woods employed, there will always be some variation in color.

    Size + Packaging:
    Each piece is tied to a backing that fits in a box to ensure safe transporting. The measurements of the options are as follows:

    Medium – 6.5” W x 9” H x 1” D
    Large – 9.5” W x 12.25” H x 1” D

    Care + Instructions:
    Using a dry soft cloth, rub the surface with a minimal amount of lemon oil to preserve the natural beauty and shine of the wood. This should be done twice a year or as often as you prefer.

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      One plumeria cross

      Posted by Emelina on Sep 13th 2018


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